Choosing and Caring For Your Cowhide

Whether it is clothing, accessories, or rugs, cowhide prints are one of the hottest trends this summer. These statement pieces may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with tasteful styling, cowhides can transform any space with minimal effort while still giving that “wow” factor you are looking for.


Every cowhide rug is unique in its own way. The pattern, size, and texture vary from rug to rug, and all of these factors are important to consider when deciding which would be best for your space. Some hides are one solid color while others yield a variety of colors and markings. If your walls or floors are dark, try incorporating a lighter hide such as cream, tan, or caramel to make space feel bigger and brighter. If your space is lighter, adding a darker or printed hide will add character and a focal point to the room.



Cowhides are extremely versatile and will fit with the vibe of so many spaces. Whether your style is more traditional, modern, or boho/Scandinavian, there is a hide that will complement each style. Layering cowhides gives an extra element of dimension and uniqueness to the living space. A small hide will layer nicely over a large hide when placed at an angle. Setting a few chairs on top of the hides will blend everything together nicely. Setting a large sofa or coffee table to overtop of the hide will cover a majority of the gorgeous print, so try to lay the hide where it can be on full display with small or thin furniture set on it. 



It is not recommended that cowhides are placed in the kitchen or dining area, as there is a greater risk of them getting spilled on. Instead, opt for decorating the living room, bedroom, or office with a beautiful hide. Cowhides complement flooring of all sorts, especially hardwood floors. Just like other rugs, it is not recommended that cowhide rugs are placed on top of shaggy carpeting due to the risk of tripping over it. 



Cowhide rugs are very durable, but you still want to make sure that you are caring for it properly in order to keep it in great shape. Shake out your rug to eliminate dust and buildup. If vacuuming is necessary, vacuum in the direction of the hair to prevent damage. Liquid stains can often be cleaned with a water/vinegar mixture or shampoo, though it is important to do plenty of extra research on which method of cleaning would be most beneficial for your rug. 


We would be happy to help you determine which of our cowhides would be the best fit for you and your space!