Decorating With Plants

Here, we present some botanical ideas that will help you find the right balance between verdant and restrained.


Decoration tips & ideas

Use Across Styles

Greenery is not just one style it can be used if you are bohemian, classic, eclectic, modern, & coastal. Adding a touch of color to your space will help it feel more alive and inviting to hang out in.


Choosing Plants and Planters

Pick varying textures and heights that will create visual interest in the room. Using vases of various dimensions and finishes gives attraction to a home. Using a driftwood planter for natural blend will also tie in the outdoors to the indoors.


Fill a space

Large plants with a colorful container fill any space. Using terrariums on top of coffee and end tables create fun décor and help make the room seem less empty. Take advantage of a steamy spot with a Humidity-Hungry Orchid. These plants with thrive in that condition and look pretty doing it.



Use the mason jar a little differently and mount it to the wall. This will create texture and color to your walls. Put a rolling cart or bar cart on the wall and place vases with botanicals on them. These are amazing décor items that don’t need to be tended for yet still give all the positives of a plant. Attach a long hanging plant from the ceiling which can save space while still looking decorative.


Ending Tips


Make sure your plants are safe for you and others in your home. Some plant types can be harmful to your pets and humans. Keep out of reach especially for small children and animals. You can do this by putting them on bookshelves or tables. ASPCA Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants List:



Always keep a non-porous watering dish under your plant's pot. Porous dishes can transfer moisture onto your floor and stain or damage wood floors and carpets. Use rocks or mulch to retain moisture and reduce the number of times you need to water. How to Water: