Fall 2018 Design Trends

Curved Furniture

Timeless yet modern, curved furniture is a revival of the Art Deco period. The biggest trend of the year has been this shift toward more natural and organic shapes in furniture. Check out our favorite new Crescent Sofa to bring this chic style into your home.


Textural Fabrics

Who doesn’t love a cozy wool blanket on a cool fall day? This season we’re taking that feeling a step further by focusing on textural fabrics like linen, velvet, and jute. With a muted color palette, your textured pieces will become the focal point. Try out a plush velvet sofa or soft linen chair to see how it transforms your space! New pillows and knit throws are an easy way to add an extra layer of cozy to your space for the upcoming winter season.


Vintage Statement Pieces

From spicing up your dining room lighting to bringing out your grandmother’s favorite serving dish, the incorporation of vintage statement pieces will set your space apart and be sure to make a topic of conversation at every gathering! Eclectic mixes of old and new to bring back memories while setting the stage for new ones.


Woven Seating

Whether it’s cord, caning, leather, or rattan, woven seating has become a designer must-have this season. A gorgeous weave will pop against the deep, muted fall colors while offering form-fitting comfort. Take a look at our Simsbury Chair or our Juliet Dining Chair for great woven options!


Masculine Monochromatic

Chic plaids, rustic leathers, and muted tones all offer a relaxed feel for fall. Contrast a monochromatic color palette with a mixture of metals and earthy wood textures for a masculine yet calming environment. Shop our wide variety of leather seating here!