FALL in love with your space

While it might feel like summer is just getting started, fall is really right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to start picking out pieces that will bring a homey and inviting feel into your space. These few tips will ensure that fall makes an appearance indoors and not just outdoors. 

Comfy Pillows

Nothing says comfort like laying in a pile of soft pillows. Add different textured pillows to your couch and chairs to bring in that cozy factor. Mohair pillows are soft, unique, and come in a variety of different colors. Neutral colors are perfect for the fall, and layering them adds a laid back feel. Warm colors with a unique pattern are the perfect thing for fall. 

Blush/Burnt Tones

While summer is all about the bright and bold colors, blush and burnt tones will get you and your company into fall-mode. Burnt orange and blush colors are calming and fit the fall, winter, and early spring months. Try incorporating wall art with these tones, then add pillows and throws to tie in the art with the rest of the room. Incorporate botanicals that complement the new colors in the space. Neutrals such as cream and grey pair nicely with blushes and oranges.

Wood Accents

Accessorizing with wood is another great way to bring the fall-time into your home. It gives warmth and another element of coziness. Add a lamp with a wood base to bring light as into space. In need of a new coffee table? Coffee tables made of wood come in a variety of sizes, styles, and stains. Add smaller wood accents such as bowls and pots and fill them with succulents that will last through the cold months. 


Upholstered Dining Chairs

Fall and winter holidays are often spent around the kitchen table. Treat yourself and those who will be spending time at your kitchen table to good quality and comfortable upholstered dining chairs. With a variety of textures and colors, there is bound to be one that matches your style. Choose a fabric that complements your color scheme and matches your lifestyle. Stop into our store to see our selection of upholstered dining chairs. 

Check out our Middleton Showroom or Hilldale store to shop our fall collection.