Fall Trends To Copy This Season

TrendWatch is one of many strategic-based sites that identify the direction that design trends will move towards in the upcoming months/years. Trends are influenced by consumers as well as interior, fashion, and consumer experts. Whether you are looking to redo several rooms in your home or just switch out one rug, incorporating one or more of these trends will scream “fall” and add a new dimension to your space. 


These are the top three trends for Fall 2019:


Animal Print

Whether it is clothing, furniture, or accessories, animal print has been popular for years. This coming fall is an especially popular time to bring animal print into your home. TendWatch notes that animal prints will be seen in accent furniture, upholstery, wall decor, wallpaper, and rugs. If wild prints are not your thing or you have never experimented with them before, try incorporating them in subtly through wall art or small decor pieces. 

Color Confidence

Neutrals are always nice and appropriate for any season, but color-blocking will be making appearances in homes this fall. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that you normally wouldn’t put together. Color combinations such as purple&yellow, orange&blue, and green&pink are across from each other on the color wheel meaning they are compliments. Pillows are a great way to add these color combinations to your space. 


Patterned Upholstery 

If you have been eying bold, patterned upholstered furniture now is the time to purchase! Furniture with a floral or pattern of any sort would be the perfect addition to your space this fall. Olive, burnt orange and brown are fall colors to look for when picking out your upholstery. Try slipcovered chairs that you can rotate throughout the seasons.