Family Friendly Fabrics For All Your Furniture

Stain Resistant

Stains? No worry. It is so easy to clean because all the fabrics are resistant to almost all stains and spills. Treat your stain by dabbing the issued area with a clean damp cloth. Most stains will be removed instantly with this technique.


Liquid Repellent

Spills? No Problem. Liquids are repelled instantly even oil-based ones. If an occasional glass of orange juice or coffee is spilled the liquid will rest on top of the fabric. This makes it easy to clean up by hand blotting with a clean cloth.


Odor Resistant

Odor? Never. Your odors won't linger or spread. With the help of Silver Ion Technology, your odors will disappear. This is because of the microbial development which will capture the bacteria that was causing the odor.


Durable Construction

Durable? Always and forever. Meeting and even exceeding the Industry standard for durability is what these fabrics are all about. They are prepared for high activity and won't wear after multiple usages. Fibers and heavy-duty construction keep your furniture looking gorgeous.


UV & Fade Resistant

Wear? No here. Don't worry your softness and beauty won't leave you over time with these fabrics. These materials are saturated with highly UV stable pigments which give protection to direct sunlight. If your furniture is placed by a window or high levels of sunlight this may be the fabric for you.


Who it is perfect for…


Life gets messy sometimes and that is okay! Kids will jump around on your chairs, have an art project on the coffee table, and snack on your sofa while enjoying a movie. These potential messes won't destroy the furniture that you will have for years to come. These family-friendly fabrics are fighting against smudges, stains, and spills that could occur on a table or sofa.


Pet Lovers

Your pets are part of your family. Enjoy snuggling up to a furry friend on your new sofa, no need to worry about pet hair or stains. You don't need to train your animals to stay off the furniture anymore. Your pet may be stinky but that will only be a temporary issue with our durable, stain-resistant, and odor control. Our molecular levels for each fabric are built to beat anything. It’s almost like having a sofa with superpowers!


Social Butterflies

Having an event with all your friends? No need to stress about any food or drinks spilling with these fabrics. You can serve anything from coffee to red wine without a worry in the world. Welcome all your friends and family for any size celebration and just relax. The look and feel of your furniture will seem as luxurious as the day you got it.