Support Your Community By Shopping Local

While it is easy to want to shop at big-box stores due to their familiarity, local stores have so much to offer that larger stores cannot give to their customers or communities. These five reasons listed below are some of the many ways that shopping locally can benefit you, small businesses, and the well-being of your community. 


  1. One-of-a-Kind Products

Local business is often known for its unique pieces that you could not find anywhere else. Instead of product being bought in bulk on a national sales plan, pieces are bought individually and based on the interest of local customers. This guarantees a broader range of one-of-a-kind pieces which no one else owns. Local, unique businesses makes an area diverse and supports creativity within other aspects of the community.


  1. Community Enrichment

Economic growth is stimulated when local businesses are introduced to a community. Local jobs are created and in some cases, better wages are offered. This is often not the case with larger stores. With more jobs and better wages, those in the community are more likely to go out and spend money, supporting the local economy even more. Unique businesses are a contributing factor to what brings people to an area to live in.


  1. Customer Relationships

Small business are great because owners are able to build relationships with customers. Service is more personalized and can be catered to the needs of every individual. Customer service at larger stores is often vague and not personal, making it hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Shop local in order to have one-on-one conversations with owners and employees that truly care about what you are looking for and what the business can do to further meet your needs. Small business are owned by neighbors and people who live near you, so do what you can to help their business thrive. 


  1. Money Stays in the Community

Compared to chain stores, a business that is local recycles a larger amount of revenue back into the local economy. This enriches the entire community and supports community growth. Locally owned businesses build strong communities by contributing to local causes and partnering with others in the area for causes that are important for locals. 


  1. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Due to the smaller volume of product and stores, less air and water pollution is emitted from small, local businesses. Large businesses are known for emitting large quantities of pollution into the air and water, so supporting local businesses is also supporting a healthy environment.