Time For A Backyard Refresh!

When trying to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, outdoor living spaces are the perfect way to get the most use out of your home. Whether you have a simple patio or an expansive yard, giving your space a little refresh is the best way to start off a successful summer! 

For small outdoor spaces, start by adding cozy elements and natural toned woods. Getting creative with accessories can really make this area your own. Don’t forget to add a few potted succulents to liven things up! 

Do you have nosy neighbors close by? Keep your space private with outdoor draperies that are meant to withstand the elements and ensure that your space remains your own.

For large yards, bring everything together with an outdoor rug. They’re quick drying, resistant to fading and clean up quick with a splash from the hose. 

To keep cool, choose light colored furnishings that don’t attract the sun as heavily. There’s no need to worry about spills because these outdoor pieces are made to withstand the elements and the kids.

For the backyard entertainer, update your yard with a weather friendly dining set to make sure there’s space for everyone at your table. Outdoor stools are also great for entertaining large groups because once the party ends, they double as ottomans, plant stands or side tables.

Needing more inspiration? Use your favorite plants to inspire a bright color palette you’ll love.