Trendy Holiday Decor

Looking to add a new and fresh look to your holiday decor? Putting up the same decor every year can seem a bit repetitive. Brown & Beam can help you create a new and fresh look while incorporating all of your current decor items. We have gathered up the top four trends to show you how these subtle changes can make a world's difference. 


The first trend is about keeping it neutral. Neutrals go with everything so you won’t need to pick a new color scheme. By incorporating elements from nature like our bark marble coasters, metal star ornaments, or birch reindeer. These neutral colors will add a hint of holiday and still match the rest of your decor. It’s a win-win!


The second trend is one of our favorites and involves touches of greenery. Adding some branches and garland in each room will brighten up your space. We offer various options like our berry evergreen branch that has pinecones, rustic bells, and berries. Placing a few of these on a mantle or side table can help bring your room to life. We also offer mini light-up Christmas trees and wreaths that can add greenery to smaller places of your home that lack holiday decor. 


The third trend is all about keeping is rustic. Having a unique oversized vintage jingle bell will be the talk of your guests. When you tie-in one of a kind pieces in your home you will stand out from the rest. Brown & Beam offers various rustic pieces like our vintage red sleigh, reindeer chalkboard place cards, Santa buckets, and more! 


The final trend is having a classic plaid pattern in your home. This pattern can help add dimension and interest to your space without making it look too busy. Our merry tartan runner, Christmas towels, Stan pillow, red stax throw, and more. All of these pieces will match whatever color scheme you have while adding some patterns. 


This holiday season stands out from the rest and incorporates some of our unique holiday decors.