Your New Favorite Rug

Rugs are a staple piece in many homes. They tie rooms together and can be placed in many different areas of the home. Vinyl floor cloths, also called vintage vinyl, were popular years ago and are becoming popular again. Types of vinyl are very durable and can be used in place of a rug. If you have an area in your home that needs something new, try a vintage vinyl to and uniqueness and style to your space. 


What They Are

Vinyl floor cloths are essentially rubber-like rugs that can be used anywhere a regular rug would be used. Placing them on hardwood floors adds pattern and color while looking like a floor inlay. They protect your flooring and there is no trip hazard due to how flat they lay on the floor. There are hundreds of pattern/size/color options to choose from, so there is bound to be one that fits your needs. 

Where to Use Them

The vinyl should be used on hardwood floors and not carpet. A popular place to put them is under a kitchen table. Chairs slide nicely on them and there is no need to worry about dropping food on a traditionally soft and easily-stained rug. Entryways, office spaces, and hallways are other great places for the non-slip vinyl.


How to Clean

One of the many great things about vintage vinyl is how easy they are to clean. Have a spill? No problem. A small amount of soap and water will have your vinyl looking brand new again. There is no need to vacuum them, but a regular sweep and spot clean will do the trick. 


Outdoor Use

The vintage vinyl can be used inside or outside, although we recommend indoor use over outdoor use. Any other rug or piece of furniture that is outdoors, it is exposed to the elements and is more likely to rip or fade. A covered patio or screened-in porch would be a fine place for your vinyl, just remember that ware and tare is more prone to happen. 



We offer a variety of sizes of vinyl. Our selection ranges from 3-10 foot squares to runners and everything in between. We sell our 1’8” x 2’6” sizes right off of the floor while all other sizes must be ordered. We have several different sizes displayed to give you an idea of what they would look like in your space.


Stop into either of our locations to check out our wide selection of vintage vinyl!