Who We Are

Embrace the Unordinary

Brown & Beam is a family-owned and women lead furniture and home decor boutique that started in Madison, WI. We don't do conventional, nor do we strive to. Our store is a reflection of the countless homes we've styled, designed, and lived in over the years. A mixture of old and new, modern and traditional, urban and industrial, our furnishings defy definition. We hope they'll inspire you to be unafraid in creating a space you'll love living in.

Beyond Big

You won't find our wares at big box stores. We looked and then we looked some more, and we decided to go off-the-beaten path in search of new, vintage, reclaimed, and eco-friendly pieces that tell a story. We showcase quality, sustainable items that support the makers who created them and causes we believe in. We sell off-the-floor so you can get your furnishings almost immediately, and we make it a point to price our items accessibly. If you find one of our items at another retailer, we even offer a Price Match Guarantee.* Our team of design stylists are always available to you, in-store free of charge and via one-on-one appointments, to help you plan, design, and personalize your space.

Close to Home

We opened our first store in 2016 with a focus on serving you. We support local markets, designers, and manufacturers that embrace environmentally-conscious business models. Our pro-bono projects, like staging multiple Parade Homes or panels on women’s wellness issues, are always centered on enhancing our community.  

We believe...

Your home should be a conduit for good vibes.
Comfort and style are far from mutually-exclusive.
Being different means you're being true.
Everyone has a unique vision waiting to be discovered.